Singer-songwriter and his band ride the last train to Vashon

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by JULI GOETZ MORSER • Fri Oct 20th, 2017 1:02pm

When singer-songwriter Gregg Curry talks about his guitar, his Alabama accent grows a little softer. Sometimes his guitar has been his best friend, he said, but always it’s been his best muse. A singer since middle school, Curry learned to play guitar in his early 20s. That’s when the songs started coming, fast and furiously, and have yet to stop.

The prolific songwriter, together with his band Ragged Glory, teamed up with acclaimed island music engineer and producer Martin Feveyear to record a second album. “The Last Train” is set to be released at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 27, at the Red Bike.

The new CD is a paean to Curry’s deep roots of American music from soul and blues to rock, country, bluegrass and the gospel of his Southern youth. With Rick Dahms on guitars and vocals, Michael David Marcus on bass and vocals, Emory Miedema-Boyajian on drums and Mike Nichols on harmonica, Curry and his band create a signature sound that he describes as “a sort of rock-and-roll tent revival/minstrel show mixing the sacred, the profane, and the in-between into a musical stew, new and familiar at once.” The 11-song album showcases Curry’s original tunes and the band as an energized, seamless ensemble with featured guest musicians Rebekah Kuzma, Dianne Krouse and Barry Cooper.

Curry moved to the Northwest from his native Alabama in 1990. Playing throughout Seattle first with his “heavy-hitting” rock band Ghost Dance and then with his American roots rock band Branch Rickey — the forerunner to Ragged Glory, Curry gave himself seven years to sign with a record company. When a serious inquiry from a Capitol Records subsidiary fell through, the musician switched gears and went to law school, which Curry said is hard now even for him to believe.

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